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Silicagel - Sil-Pack

Silicagel - Sil-Pack

Sil-Pack silica gel packs have a unique performance in applications requiring sensitive packaging thanks to their high moisture retention ability. It provides a safe packaging environment thanks to its performance in a wide temperature and humidity range and a non-dust-tear-resistant nonwoven package.

When appropriate usage conditions are provided, Sil-Pack silica gel packs provide moisture control, providing high protection even under long-term storage and demanding export conditions.

It is the type of desiccant that has the highest moisture absorption capacity thanks to its adsorption feature exceeding 35%


  • It has the most common use with its high moisture adsorption ability.
  • Inert structure that does not react with metals
  • Microporous nonwoven packaging with high breathability
  • Clean and safe use without dusting and mudding
  • Sil-Pack Silicagel options with indicator providing color change
  • Working capacity in wide temperature range
  • Alternative choice of sensitive sectors such as pharmaceuticals and electronics
  • Moreover, Desi assurance…

You can reach Desi Experts to determine the Sil-Pack Silicagel product and quantity that suits you best.