Desi Line VCI PE

By force of including strong VCI ingredients and having excellent physical properties, Desi Line Polyethylene series that can bevaried as bag, film, shrink wrap, bubbled and streched protect every kind of metals excellently against corrosion in stocking or shipping conditions.
Resolving lubrication which is dirty and noncontemporary, it provides metal parts to be delivered clean and ready to use.
Products that has designed for every kinds of application and part, provides a physical protection with its structure properties.


  • Due to it has rich VCI ingredient, constituting a strong film on metal layer,it provides a sustain and effective protection.   
  • Echonomic and easy to apply,
  • Provides an excellent physical strength with its polyethylen ingredient that designed dedicatedly for every kind of applications.  
  • Every kind of special parts can be packaged practicaly
  • By dint of its transparent structure, inside of the package can be pursued at any time
  • No need to be cleaned