Desi Line VCI Papers

Desi Line VCI Paper products provide a effective protection for corrosion and rust on every kind of metals because of containing strong and high contentrationed VCI ingredients. Although VCI Paper products can be dimensioned as requed, it can also be used as 102cm width rolled.

K–70 KRAFT VCI is the product that procured via VCI inhibitors laminated on high quality kraft paper.
In special applications, laminating the K-70 KRAFT VCI with 20 micron polyethylene, we get the WP-2000 VCI PE product that is durable rather a lot for delaceration and ambient conditions.

Because of its flexible, extendible structure, FLEX 2000 VCI is useful for applications that it is wrapped on wire or plate. In case it is flexible and physically durable, it can be wrapped on layers that has sharp edges without rending.


  • Kraft, backcombing and polyethylened kraft paper products designed for every kind of applications one by one provide effective protection for metals like iron, cupper, brass, alumina etc. with its VCI inhibitors.
  • Because of its high concentrated VCI content, procuring a strong film structure, it provides a sustain and effective protection
  • Its easy, echonomic and clean to apply
  • It provides practical packaging for any custom size and any part.
  • An environmental friendly product, because of its 100% nitrite free and natural cellulose including structure