Corr-Pack VCI emitters are specially designed for preventing especially corrosive gases and also moisture to cause corrosion on metals in closed areas.

VCI inhibitors in its structure occur a molecular protecting layer on electronic circuits, machine parts and metal parts which is hard to be reached. Thus it provides an effective protection on them.

Also, product fend the corrosive gas and moisture of by the way of embodying them. It provides multimetal protection especially in the ambient that inholds more than one kind of metal.


  • In any kind of ambient that electrical and electronical equipments are being stocked or being droved.   
  • In beam boxes and switch boxes
  • In expensive electronic equipments and circuits
  • In packaged metal products for long term and continuous protection
  • For protecting vessels and its equipments


  • Economic Use
  • Easy to apply
  • Continuous protection as much as 24 months
  • High efficiency in dirty and corrosive ambient
  • There is no effect on mechanical and electrical surface properties.
  • Being non toxic and having safe usage
  • Having dehumidifier property
  • Noninclusive of bowdlerize like nitrite, chromate etc.