Silicagels are high capacitated synthetic absorbents. That is high efficiency dehumidifier material used in the areas wanted to be dry.

When it is analysed microscopically, it is occurred from micro pores and a capillary network system. Because of this property, that is the inert material that has wide surface area in the form of granule. By physical adsorption, it soaks up the moisture and the gas molecules that is able to weather into the por structure and hold them in micropors after condensing.

Silicagels that we are producing are designed meticulously, aiming the maximum efficiency. Our products are inert and nontoxic materials.

We produce the white silicagels and also the blue or orange colored silicagels included indicators in world class.


  • Industrial Air Drying Systems  
  • Power Distribution Units
  • Taking away of unwanted gases
  • In every ambient that moisture does not wanted in
  • With medicines
  • Protection of food products
  • Protection of electronic equipments
  • For dry and safe stocking of sensitive materials