Activated Alumina

The adsorbent that has fine surface properties is used as drier especially in dynamic adsorption conditions in industrial facilities.

In compressors and in dry air systems, that is used safely for dehumidifying

It provides efficient drying at very low dew-points.
The product used for drying liquids and gases over perform in detaining impurities like carbondioxyde, heavy metals, sulphurs, hydrocarbons etc as well.


  • Effective at high moisture rates.  
  • There is a low energy requirement for regeneration.
  • It is used in cold air driers as well.
  • It has high chemical purity.
  • It is recalcitrant to fragmentize and crumble.FIELD OF USAGE
  • Drying systems in hospitals   
  • Air drying systems in food plants   
  • Taking away of acidic materials that is occurred as a result of oil degradation.
  • Taking away of moisture and other impurities from various gases and liquids safely.