Molecular Sieve

Our molecular sieve products also named as Synthetic Zeolite deduces effective and economic results because of its porosity, strong grain structure and high adsorption level.


  • Gas production facility   
  • Production of double glass
  • Production of filter in automotive
  • Drying of any kind of liquid and gases.
  • Production of aerosols.   
  • Production of cooler and conditioner
  • Taking away unwanted chemicals suchlike solvents or purifying them.
  • In adhesive and paint industry

Our molecular sieve products that is diversified according to porosity and crystal structure are shown below.

Molecular Sieve Type A Series:

Molecular Sieve 3A
It is used for drying hydrocarbons suchlike acetylene, propylene, butadiene and especially for any kind of alcohol and solvent.

Molecular Sieve 3A EPG
Used for dehydration of acetylene

Activated Powder 3A
Used for dehydration of polyurethane, paint, adhesive and coating material.

Molecular Sieve 4A
Used for various of gases and liquids and as dehumidifier and purifier of argon gas in medicine and electronic industry.

Molecular Sieve 4A DG
Used as sensitive and high performance drier for drying various gas and liquids.

Activated Powder 4A
Used for dehydration of
Used for dehydration of polyurethane, paint, adhesive and coating material.

Molecular Sieve 5A
Used in gas raffination units and for drying of natural gas and petrol.

Activated Powder 5A
Used for dehydration of solvent.

Molecular Sieves Type X Series

Molecular Sieve 10X
Used for taking away the sulphur compounds from natural gas and oil raffination applications and in drying units.

Molecular Sieve 13X APG
Used  as dehumidifier and carbondioxyde blocker at pre-purify step in gas production facilities and used in general purposed drying units.

Molecular Sieve 13X HP
Used at pre-purify step in gas production facilities and in PSA oxygen production facilities.

Molecular Sieve 13X PG
Used in drying of liquid petrol gases and general purposed dehydration of gases.

Activated Powder 13X
Used in dehydration of adhesives and paint materials.
Specially Produced Type Molecular Sieve

Inside of the cooler and conditioner systems.

Used in dehydration of XH-5 : XH-5 R12 and R22 gases.

XH-7 : XH-7 is used in industrial cooler and freezer to dry R-134a gas. In special applications, it is used for dehydration of butane. XH-9 : XH-9 is especially used in cooler and vehicle conditioner systems.
XH-11 : XH-11 is used for dehydration and drying of R407c and R410A cooler gases.
HFW-325 : HFW-325 is especially designed for purifying R134a gas. It is an high performance specially produced material.
For air drier and filtering systems in automotive.

For double glass production, 3A IG Molecular Sieve
For PSA hydrogen producing systems, HF-512H
For PSA, VPS oxygen enriching facilities, HF-5120
For deodorising of aerosols, RK-29